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Resumes by Suzanne Levy


I am passionate about helping people succeed in their job hunt. For the past seven years, I’ve turned hundreds of resumes from a dense laundry list into a concise, clear and engaging work story.  Unlike most resume writers, who come from an HR or corporate background,  I’ve been a journalist and editor for many years, having worked for the BBC, PBS, and NPR, among others. My interviewing, storytelling and writing experience informs the work I do here. 

I work with a range of clients, including people hoping to gain a promotion, others looking for a new challenge, those considering a career change, and students applying to internships.


How I work

We start with an in-depth phone call. As we explore your work history, (or school and extra-curricular activities,) I listen intently, and begin to identify what you - uniquely - can offer an employer.  I'll then write your resume, highlighting your strengths and achievements. From that draft, we'll work on revisions until both of us are satisfied.

Often, when clients see the final version, they'll say "wow, I'd hire me!", gaining a fresh, confident perspective as they go for interviews.



Suzanne was of enormous help to me for compiling and updating my resume. My case was particularly challenging as I had a wide range of professional work backgrounds as well as artistic achievements. She was superb and efficient.
— Jennifer H.

Suzanne - Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a really fine job. You were able to ask the right questions and put me at ease, so that we were able to discover what my talents are and how best to articulate them in carefully crafted sentences. Again, job well done.
— Brian M.

Suzanne provided savvy and insightful editing on an expedited time line. After a very effective session of “deep listening,” Suzanne mastered my technical field sufficiently to constructively question my initial approach, showing me much better ways to present my accomplishments. I highly recommend her service and I feel confident that she will significantly improve any resume or piece of business writing.
— Anne P.

This is my second time using Suzanne and like the first time she was able to make my resume stand out. She has an exceptional way of listening to you and helping you organize your resume that is clear and concise to the reader. As a result, I would highly recommend her, as I’ve recommended her to several of my friends.
— Vince T.

My Rates



For students seeking internships or first jobs



For those who have less than 10 years' experience



For those who have more than 10 years' experience 


Payment is due at the end of our first phone call via PayPal


Get in touch

Send me an email at and attach your current resume for a free assessment.